Creature Comfort Quilts

8 thoughts on “Creature Comfort Quilts”

  1. I like your setup — especially your big ironing table! And I think I have the same Juki as you! How do you like your drop-in table? Does it vibrate much when you sew fast, or is it pretty stable?


  2. I have the Juki TL-2010 Q, which has been a fabulous work horse of a sewing machine. The drop in table is made of that paste-board typer of material, but I have been using it a lot for the last year (I have made about 16 quilts since I bought it) without any problems with it holding together. Occasionally there is some movement in the table, but really I do not notice anything significant. I like that the table was inexpensive ($110 or so), was fairly simple to put together and has stayed together. The mechanism to raise and lower the machine works less well than in the past, likely due to the weight of my machine which has fairly shredded this plastic or silicone sleeve on the bar that moves it up and down. I think that this sleeve was to help with the glide. Even with that problem, I feel like I really got my money out of the table. It also has tape measure affixed to the front which is handy. I forget where I ordered the table, but I know that has them with a cut out replaced with clear plastic or plexiglass. She has lots of great ideas and that table looked great. If this one breaks, I might buy hers ($280 last I looked). I think it is the same table modified by her husband. She has lots of other great ideas that have been very helpful for me. Also, I love the ironing table, there are several tutorials online that were helpful in making it. Having the right setup has made all the difference in making quilting enjoyable. Thanks for the comments!

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