Empire – Two Death Star Quilts

31 thoughts on “Empire – Two Death Star Quilts”

  1. Firstly, this sounds like an amazing wedding!! We’re big into cosplay and dressing up. Secondly, the quilts, my goodness!!! We just finished watching all the Star Wars movies with our son for the first time. We’re HUGE Star Wars nerds so I can appreciate the dedication that went into making those. Well done!!!


  2. Truly, nothing says love like a death star. Awesome! (And your Frida Kahlo makeup is fab, but I wonder if it could use just a smidge more unibrow?)


  3. I feel a sudden urge to keep my son away from this post- otherwise he will be begging me for a Death Star of his own and I have too much on my plate right now! Awesome quilts. I’ve used the 2-for-1 strategy before too, it is a timesaver!


  4. This is the first time I’ve come across the ‘two for one’ idea, an interesting concept that seems to work! I’m glad to see that your husband is also involved in the process – mine is also a ‘major consultant’ (no, that just doesn’t go, it detracts from … this colour looks better because it …), and a ‘major supporter’ (Wow … that’s too good to give away …there’s a lot of work in that … I’d like to see you do …), etc. Both of you looked great at the wedding, it must have been lots of fun!

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    1. Thank your for your kind words. I am currently making another set of quilts. One of my reasons for doing this is right now I’m making a lot of quilts, so am making nearly identical ones for a sister and brother. It is more economical of fabric and time to make two similar quilts, or just of the same fabric. I also can work the bugs out of a design that I may want to later replicate, so I cement my design skills. I’m doing a totem type quilt (similar to the one named Matrix in my blog), but this one has the design column in the center. Once I’ve given the quilts, I’ll put up pictures. WRT the costume wedding, I am usually not a dress up type person, but it was fun, the bride and groom are younger than we are, are really into cosplay, and it was right to indulge them on their day!


  5. Hello creaturecomfortquilts! I apologize for leaving this message here, but I didn’t see another way to contact you. So feel free to not accept this message. As I have enjoyed many of your posts, I was very excited to see that you just followed my blog anettenamdesign.wordpress.com. However, there is not much happening there, so I think you might have been looking for maythefourthbewithyoupartyblog.com – which is where I do all my posting. …and keep up the great work!!!

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  6. OMG you are a dead ringer for Frida! Her work as well as another lover’s, Diego Rivera, is at the DIA until July, so we will definitely be heading across the river for that! Love the Death Star quilts you did, and reading about the process. How wonderful it is that you have a husband to help, as I do, with math and quilting motifs too. 😉

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am the math geek, while my husband is the creative theater nerd in the family. He is also great with building things, too, which is great. He is the one who can figure out which color is off, or which part of the design should be adjusted. It is invaluable for me to have that kind of help.


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