Another baby in the family!

16 thoughts on “Another baby in the family!”

  1. Great baby quilt. The navy not only sets off the other colors, it provides nice eye exercise for baby in the contrast. I’ve used the HST technique you mention and like it, but I have to oversize my squares by 1/8 inch and trim theHST to size.

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    1. What a great thought about baby eye exercises. I hate to admit it, but my HST size determined the baby quilt size. I’m still working on figuring this all out. I was trying to maximize the use of the fabric, so I calculated how many squares to use based on what would be most efficient use of fabric. You are absolutely right about having to increase the size to accomodate the seam. Thanks for the kind words!


  2. What beautiful fabrics and colours – and they are not too ‘babyish’ so I’m sure it will be used and treasured for many many years as baby grows up x

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  3. So beautiful -The color and perfect triangles. Here in Brazil we call this technique “Perfect Triangle Technique part I” when we have a square made by two big triangles and the same name part II when we have a square made by 4 small triangles. The difference between them is that we have do add to the total measument of the square (patch) 1cm to the diagonal for (partI) and 2cm to each diagonal for (partII).


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