WIP Wed #quilting #walkingfoot quilting # appliqué

11 thoughts on “WIP Wed #quilting #walkingfoot quilting # appliqué”

  1. Making your own fabric tape can be addictive. I usually make bias tape so I can round curves better. Also, I find using spray starch after I pull the fabric strips through the tape maker helps get really flat tape. Recently I recycled some men’s shirts into tape and found my 1/4 inch tape just wouldn’t lay flat until I starched it.

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  2. I love it when ‘mistakes’ become excellent design choices! That aside, I machine bound (binded?) a quilt ONE time. It’s actually a frequently used quilt around here, but every time I look at the binding, I cringe! It looks completely terrible…Yours, on the other hand, looks amazing!

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  3. I call these types of things Design Elements 😉 I’m impressed how close and straight you were able to stitch the edge of the binding down on the front AND back! That is quite tricky.

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    1. Thanks, Shelly! I finished it, along with its twin. I’m pleased with how they turned out. Sadly, I can’t post them until July, since they are going to gifted to my siblings and their spouses when I go back home for the holiday! I think my sister, and my sister-in-law follow my blog, so I’m going to try to keep them a surprise. I’m pretty sure they don’t read the comments, so we are safe talking about it here! 🙂


    1. I learned about this technique from a book by Weeks Ringle. I suspect there must be Youtube videos on it. Basically, one makes the single fold binding, which I did with the clover tool (easier than I thought it would be), then fold it around the raw cut quilt edge. Clip in place and sew. For the corners, you hand pin the miter first on the front, then the back, then sew it down just continuing the stitching and pivoting at the corner. Good luck. I checked every few inches to be certain that I was not missing stitches or way off on the precision of stitching. Just slow go and it should go well. I’ll see if I can find the link for the mitered corners that helped me and send to you.


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