WIP Friday trying to be a Finish it up on Friday! #Charity Quilt #FMQ

6 thoughts on “WIP Friday trying to be a Finish it up on Friday! #Charity Quilt #FMQ”

  1. Love the fabric and pattern. But, I feel your pain. I cannot do FMQ because my bobbins will not cooperate no matter what I do. My machine sews great, I can do straight line quilting, and all kinds of decorative stitching but not FMQ. 😦 Hope you got it finished because someone is going to be very happy with it.

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    1. I struggled along with the first half of the quilt (it is about 56X66 inches) last Friday. I broke a needle, broke thread maybe 12 -15 times, then called it a day and a weekend. Monday, I lowered the top tension A LOT and was able to complete it after changing my needle again to one with a larger eye. I think the tension was the problem, likely how I move my hands and how quickly I do it. I was also using a new thread, polyester, so pretty strong, but aurifil has worked so much better for me in the past, much stronger. I was able to finish using this thread, but ordered aurifil in the same color for a much larger project that I am ready to quilt. This was to be my warm up to get used to this stitch pattern. It was more horror than warm up! But, I have quilted the borders of this quilt and sewn on the binding, will do the back by hand tomorrow, and have started laying out fabric for the next quilt. I plan on some walking foot quilting for that one!


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