4 thoughts on “Prairie”

  1. At International Quilt Festival this year, I saw someone demonstrating a whole system of tools to make sashing easier on quilt as you go blocks. I was very interested because I have had the same issue s as you have, but I was rushed for time and didn’t even pick up their card. Next year I will look for them, because the results of their method looked great.
    Your quilt looks beautiful and worth all the time you spent on it!


      1. I looked through the list of notions vendors from IQF Houston, and didn’t recognize any names (but I remember telling myself, oh, that will be an easy one to remember!). I checked out about 8 of them online but didn’t find what I was looking for. I also went through my shopping bags in case I had picked up a card, but no. Maybe it will come to me.


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