Christmas 2014 – A new sewing room/Adventures in free motion quilting!

Christmas of 2014 brought a flurry of activity. Our oldest daughter came home with her partner, her partner’s Mum, her partner and his son.  It meant wonderful holiday meals at the dinner table, and THAT meant that my quilting was going to have to move out of the dining room and into a new room. Fortunately, … Continue reading Christmas 2014 – A new sewing room/Adventures in free motion quilting!


This was the last of my series of Japanese inspired quilts. The name, Aotsuki, means “blue moon.” This was designed for my husband and me, and is on our bed now. It is a king sized monster of a quilt, and is of strip quilt design. The most striking visual elements are blue squares with … Continue reading Aotsuki


Here is the only picture I snapped of the quilt for Sarah, in my rush to get numerous quilts done for Christmas gift giving. The fabrics (tenugui) were purchased in Tokyo. These fabrics are traditionally used as head coverings under the helmet when sparring in kendo, the Japanese sword martial art. My husband and daughters … Continue reading Sakura

First quilts

My first quilts were inspired by a trip our family took to Japan in 2010. I fell in love with the clean lines and simplicity of Japanese textiles. We visited tenugui shops, and kimono consignment shops in addition to the beautiful museums, castles and temples. My first finished quilt, “Gourds’, started with a furoshiki, rather … Continue reading First quilts