This quilt is a gift for a niece. It has an Indian feel to the fabrics, very intricately patterned and sumptuous with gold detailing. The colors are rich and vibrant, lovely to work with! The term “Maharani” means queen. Here’s hoping that this quilt turns out fit for a queen! Here I am trying to … Continue reading Maharani

Spring in the MidAtlantic – A Walk and a WIP

This year has been a particularly beautiful spring. The long winter of life-giving water (sorry, people of Boston and Buffalo!) has resulted in a profusion of daffodils and cherry blossoms, and now the start of tulips and dogwoods. This is in our back yard. We also spent some time planting vegetables in the beds. In a few weeks, we hope to … Continue reading Spring in the MidAtlantic – A Walk and a WIP