Empire – Two Death Star Quilts

Often times, most of the hard work in quilting, is calculating quilt measurements, cutting out the fabric and sewing up the quilt top. Knowing this, my husband had the fabulous idea of doing a two-fer for the next quilt. We really liked this idea, and, you may have noticed, we ran with it. You have seen …


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Ok, if it wasn’t clear before, let’s make it clear now. I love my dogs. These are the first pets that were truly MY pets. Our daughters had cats and rats and toads growing up, but these were the first animals in the house that imprinted to me. Growing up, my parents opposed the keeping of … Continue reading Doggets


This is my take on a design I saw on Michelle Wilkie’s Factotum of Arts. It was light gray and white on dark gray. I decided to add more color and use a warm-toned gray for the negative spaces. I did straight line quilting because I was still too chicken about my FMQ skills. I really like the … Continue reading Matrix

Christmas 2014 – A new sewing room/Adventures in free motion quilting!

Christmas of 2014 brought a flurry of activity. Our oldest daughter came home with her partner, her partner’s Mum, her partner and his son.  It meant wonderful holiday meals at the dinner table, and THAT meant that my quilting was going to have to move out of the dining room and into a new room. Fortunately, … Continue reading Christmas 2014 – A new sewing room/Adventures in free motion quilting!