This quilt is a gift for a niece. It has an Indian feel to the fabrics, very intricately patterned and sumptuous with gold detailing. The colors are rich and vibrant, lovely to work with! The term “Maharani” means queen. Here’s hoping that this quilt turns out fit for a queen! Here I am trying to … Continue reading Maharani

WIP Wednesday

I have had repeated problems recently with thread tension, while FMQ. During a recent quilt, featured in my last post, Finish it up Friday, I broke the thread over a dozen times. A quick online search gave many troubleshooting ideas for my Juki, which I followed, but which didn’t work. Fortunately, I live a 3 minute … Continue reading WIP Wednesday

Finish it up Friday – linking up with #CrazyMomQuilts – #Charity Quilts

So, last Friday, I really thought that I was going to get this thing done, screaming’ along quilting so fast, a new pattern for me from Christina Cameli’s book, a great variation on a paisley FMQ stitch, when……my thread broke. Then it broke again, repeat times 12. I pulled out all my tricks and finally … Continue reading Finish it up Friday – linking up with #CrazyMomQuilts – #Charity Quilts