#Big Geese Quilts – #Sails

21 thoughts on “#Big Geese Quilts – #Sails”

  1. This turned out really well, and I especially love the way you quilted it! Great tips on the painters’ tape; I have to remember that, as I use it for so many other aspects of the quilting process (as you saw on my horizontal spool holder. I too, love blue, might have to put this on the want-to-make list. Thanks for the link, and yep bookmarked it. Love your quilt inspector too, btw, much like my own…

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  2. I love everything about this quilt – I am a big fan of blue. This is the kind of quilt that inspires me to try to think outside the box. I get bound up in what I think I’m “supposed to do”. I would never have thought to bind a quilt in 2 different colors – I love that idea! Your quilting is just beautiful.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I don’t recall if the two color binding was my idea, or if I read about it somewhere. As you saw, I took off from someone else’s inspiration, also. That’s what I love about the quilting community, the sharing of ideas! I really enjoyed the freedom of quilting a completely unique design, and tried to follow what the pattern suggested. Thanks again!

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  3. I love blue and white quilts and big patterns. This would be perfect for a beach house(wish I had one) or boy. Thanks for sharing. PS. Hope the cat scan came back positive!


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